Infrastructure Advisory & Procurement Services

At GSC Solutions we advise our clients on every aspect of their IT Datacenter procurement needs.  From initial procurement requests for new datacenter build outs to hardware refreshes with equipment trade-in’s, GSC Solutions will tailor the experience to specific and individual needs.

How we can help:

We provide support and direction from the earliest stages project evaluation to procurement, implementation, and management for our clients.  We can assist you too in devising and comparing product configurations based on financial requirements as well as performance requirements.  We work with our clients hand in hand with regards to every aspect to ensure that their project satisfaction exceeds their expectations.


Who do we work with:

Our clients include state and local government, public and private organizations, as well as large cap and small and medium businesses.  We also have clients both domestically as well as internationally and can help you too with all of the intricacies associated with shipping internationally.


Why do it:

It is our belief at GSC Solutions that every company and every client deserves the best service at a fair and honest price.  We also believe that even a lot of manufacturers have direct channels that going direct will not always net you the best pricing and discount structure.  At GSC Solutions we work non-stop to give you the highest possible value, we know you expect it, and we know you deserve it.

Give us a call today, we’ll make sure you’re happy you did.