System Support & Maintenance

Our datacenters are the lifeblood of any company and need to be protected.  The equipment in today’s datacenters often goes past the initial warranty and support purchased from the manufacturers.  It is at that point when the cost to maintain the systems starts to become a burden for most IT professionals.

There is still plenty of life left in the equipment and they are running critical applications and therefore need to be covered by a support contract.  The problem is that the cost to maintain this equipment through the OEM’s become cost prohibitive, and the cost justification for an equipment refresh isn’t there.  What are your options?

  • Purchase the Post-Warranty support from the OEM
  • Discontinue support
  • Purchase New Hardware

An alternative approach is to contact GSC Solutions and start the conversation on what type of creative and affective support options we can build for your specific requirements.  Our philosophy is that no two clients are the same so why should we only offer only a couple support options?

What Support Options are Available?

  • Time & Materials
  • Depot Maintenance
  • 8×5 Next Business Day
  • 24×7 4Hour Response

                  Now these are the most common, but customization is allowed

Remember, with the GSC Advantage it is all about your specific and individual needs that matter to us.

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