A knowledge-based
business approach


At GSC Solutions we take care of production and supply chain management. However, we do not only handle your production. We also bring knowledge into the process to secure sustainable production in terms of ethics, product quality, and expenditures.

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.

Lee Lacocca


One of our main values is to keep getting better at what we do and always seize new trends and practices with an open mind and curiosity. This has been key when establishing our dedicated team of specialized engineers at GSC Solutions. Many of our employees celebrate both 10 and 15-year anniversaries with us.

Being an attractive workplace for new talented engineers, and keeping a high level of seniority in our existing staff, has fostered our in-depth knowledge and experience in production and supply chain management. Our engineers offer a wide range of expertise, and are able to offer valuable knowledge and guidance to customers. To mention a few, we have experts in raw materials, packaging engineers, manufacturing, and tooling specialists.

To ensure an optimized process in which every detail is considered, our project managers are engineers specialized in supply chain management. This is to ensure clear communication between project managers and specialists when providing a service for our clients.

We have worked with a wide range of raw materials

No matter the material wishes for any given product, the process of designing and manufacturing requires in-depth knowledge of the chosen raw material. Given our wide range of collaborating factories and varying orders, our engineers have a thorough knowledge of and experience with many raw materials. This entails raw materials ranging from aluminum, steel, or titanium to other raw materials like wood, glass, ceramics, or recycled plastic. The list is long and may even extend when starting a new project.