Ethical trade

Ethical trade in GSC Solutions


Ethical trade is a core value at GSC Solutions. We share our values and strategic focus on sustainability with our parent organization ITP Group. We believe that trade and collaboration are the driving forces for facilitating ethical and sustainable development. Through our parent company ITP Group , we are, members of Ethical Trade Norway and Ethical Trade Denmark


GSC Solutions has an ongoing emphasis on improving our business in a sustainable direction. We are a strategic partner for both suppliers and our customers, and this entails a responsibility for the ethics and sustainability of their business activities through our collaboration. Therefore, we also aim to help our partners and clients improve their businesses. We believe that being open and honest about challenges faced at all levels is the best way to ensure responsible development.

Ethical development

GSC Solutions works actively with the SDGs. By specifically focusing on SGD Goals 8 and 12, we aim to contribute to the promotion of sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to full and productive employment, such as decent work for all. Finally, we also aim to support activities that ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. By utilizing the development goals as an ethical framework in which our company operates, we aim to ensure that our business activities contribute to continuous improvement.

Why you should collaborate with us


Surveys made by the Ethical Trade Initiative show that many companies face challenges with purchasing when it comes to managing ethical trade and sustainability. This is due to a growing number of suppliers making it complex to keep track of the various activities. In fact, Ethical Trade Denmark has recently stated that 82% of their surveyed companies were highly challenged in the production and processing of goods when it came to securing ethical trade and sustainability. There is, therefore, an urgent need for solutions that simplify the process of purchasing and production in the supply chain.


GSC Solutions has over 25 years of experience in managing supply chain processes for other companies. Throughout the years, our core business activity has become the strategic management of production and processing components as well as finished products for our customers. GSC Solutions, can, therefore, take care of your supply chain and offers various product categories, all while reducing the number of suppliers that you must keep track of – if any. Finally, our many years of experience and knowledge in the business industry have resulted in having more than 100 collaborating factories mainly in China but also in countries such as Vietnam, Poland, and India, that all follow our policies and operate within our code of conduct.



We are fully aware that a code of conduct is not sufficient without supporting initiatives. We have, for this reason, placed our staff geographically close to production sites with continuous visits. Furthermore, we have a thorough audit once a year, where every aspect of our code of conduct is run through, graded, and documented. All factories collaborating with us are registered in our ethical trade database, where we keep track of several aspects regarding the sustainability of these sites. If a collaborating factory does not meet our expectations, we support, track, and set deadlines for the improvement of the practices.

Communication and collaboration

We aim to strengthen our collaborating factories and therefore we invest resources to help them improve their activities. This is both in terms of improved equipment for production, assistance in obtaining certifications as well as supporting the formation of worker unions on the production sites. With our presence in the production countries and skilled local employees, we overcome cultural and language barriers that secure an ongoing dialogue with both management and staff in the collaborating factories.

Read ITP Group’s Norwegian Report on Sustainability Due Diligence for 2022 in line with the Norwegian Transparency Act.