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At GSC Solutions we offer supply chain management of large-scale production, ranging from spare parts to whole product lines. With offices in Scandinavia, USA, China, and Vietnam, we are specialized in supply chain management − especially when it comes to communicating and coordinating specific needs in terms of design and quality.

A project is in safe hands when working with GSC Solutions. Our procedures and mindsets are the results of many years of experience in supply chain processes and thorough knowledge of the industry.

We offer supply chain management of large-scale production. Your project can be everything from spare parts to whole product lines.

To maintain and enforce a responsible production and product journey, our staff handles the entire project management and oversees all steps, from initial product drawings to the final product ready for sale.

Our staff is dedicated to being process-oriented and making sure that no important aspects are skipped. This is important in today’s fast-moving industry, where time limits and unreasonable demands can easily result in quick solutions that are not sustainable.

A balanced solution

When GSC Solutions manages a project, we make sure that collaborating factories are following our procedures, as we are dedicated to helping them do so. Every step in the supply chain will be controlled by our staff, to make sure that your requirements are met. GSC Solutions always chooses collaborating factories based on quality and capabilities. And as one of our technical team leaders has expressed: “We’re not looking for the lowest price – but for the most balanced supplier”.

Our procedure

At GSC we follow a set-out procedure to make sure no steps are forgotten or unprioritized

As every project is unique and comes with specific expectations and requirements, GSC Solutions always develops a customized business plan for a project. This is to ensure successful collaboration and to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the results.

When starting a new project with GSC Solutions, we will run through the following five initial phases before the implementation of full-scale production.


Project framing
& Alignment

The first step after contacting GSC Solutions is the project framing and alignment between the customer and our project managers. Based on a dialogue concerning needs, expectations, and possibilities our staff will create a business strategy and a project summary to be confirmed. In this phase our staff will be focusing on time-scheduling, outlining responsibilities in RACI charts, and conducting a risk analysis, all to secure the successful execution of the project.


Design, technical specifications, and cost analysis

It is now time to consider the design of the product and technical specifications. Product design are reviewed. The BOM cost analysis is made as well as critical customer requirements (CCR), packaging, and shipment are considered.


Sourcing and capacity screening

When the above phases are done our team will begin sourcing and capacity screening potential production sites. This process begins within our internal database of collaborating factories all complying with our strictly formulated code of conduct. Read more about this in the section Ethical trade. We always seek to help collaborating factories develop their business and capabilities. We, therefore, screen for both capacity and capabilities. When finding the best match, we help them create a tooling plan as well as other supporting initiatives needed to withstand the project.


Capacity building & First Article review

When the above steps are done and approved by the customer, our team begins developing the product. The tooling plan is executed by our collaborating factory – a process assisted by our team of engineers if needed. Now the first sample is made, and our team will start the quality control. A validation test and the material safety data sheet (MSDS) are made. The results of testing the first item will be described in the FAI (first article inspection) report, which is handed to you together with a customer approval form.


Certification, Validation, and Pilot run

After client approval, the pilot run will take place. In some circumstances, a pilot run is not necessary, and this part of the process will therefore be customized to the business project. If the phase is done, a Pilot run review will be made including results from quality control, validation test, and material certificates. With all documentation in place and final approval from the client, the final execution and the full-scale production of the order will begin.


Implementation and full-scale production


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